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Lesson 3: Analyzing & Composing poem

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Analyse the following poem


The Son is in Secondary School by Affran Sa'at

My badge has a Latin motto

Hope for the future

The future is hope

Or something


At times black crows try to interrupt

When we sing the National Anthem


It is difficult to maintain

The whiteness of my shoes

Especially on Wednesdays


I must admit there is something quite special

About the bare thighs of hardworking scouts


The Malay chauffeurs

Who wait for my schoolmates

Sit on the car park kerb

Telling jokes to one another


Seven to the power of five is unreasonable


On Chinese New Year

Mrs Lee dressed up

In a sarong kebaya

And sang Bengawan Solo


The capital of Singapore is Singapore


My best friend did a heroic thing once

Shaded all A's

For his Chinese Language

Multiple-choice paper


In our annual yearbook

There is a photograph of me


Pushing a wheelchair and smiling

They caught me

At the exact moment


When my eyes were actually closed


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Discussion thread

  1. What are the poet's thoughts? What were his feelings as he think back on these ?
  2. Think back on our days in Primary School. Do you share the same sentiments? What were your memories of those days? Write a poem of no less than 4 stanzas.

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  2. He hopes for the best in future. He feels the school is not singing loud enough for the national anthem. He feels that there is no need for a rule where the shoes must be clean as he finds it difficult to keep his shoes from getting dirty. He feels that being a scout is great. He is jealous of his schoolmates who have chaffeurs. He does not like mathematics. He feels disappointed when his picture shows him closing his eyes.

    My days in Primary school was enjoyable
    With memorable experiences to share

    It is the beginning from childhood to teenager
    The end of childhood playfulness

    It is a small hill to overcome
    There will be many more hills in time to come

    The school motto has a deep meaning
    Joy in learning and Pure in act

    The start of a new beginning in Secondary school
    But I know I will make it if I just study hard


  3. -The poet hopes he will have a good future.

    -He might have regretted for not singing the National Anthem loud enough.

    -He feels that there is no need to keep his shoes clean.

    -He thinks that being a scout is a enjoyable and special experience.

    1P418 (Elton)

    -He was envious that his schoolmates had chaffeurs to drive them home.

    -He disliked Maths.

    -He recalls Mrs Lee singing.

    -He thinks Singapore is a small country.

    -He remembered that his best friend disliked and did not care about Chinese.

    -The poet regretted closing closing his eyes when the photograph on the annual yearbook was taken.

    My poem

    My days in Primary school were horrible,
    where a schoolmate whom I called "Cannibal",
    who stole my things and did not repent.

    And Oh no!
    Why did I shout "No"?
    Because that Cannibal has entered Hwa Chong too!

    My Primary school Chinese teachers,
    whom my class had to listen to her lectures,
    scolded innocent students for no exact reasons.

    And Oh yes!
    I have come to a new school-
    the start of a education life,
    and the end of my dreaded primary school life.

  4. Nicholas Lim 1P416

    The author was probably feeling nostalgic when he was thinking back on his primary school days. He is embracing them and thinks back at it with joy.

    My poem
    It is the start of a new year
    and many would have to bear
    the fear of new faces
    and the strange new places

    The past seems so wonderful
    with friends so plentiful

    Remember the canteen stalls
    as your friends calls
    for you to play a game

    But with old ones gone
    comes new ones
    I shall do my best
    with all the rest

  5. Seah Zheng Feng 1P423

    The poet was hoping for his future as he recalls his primary school days. Hardly anyone in his primary school is proud to sing the national anthem.
    He feels that mantaining his shoe clean is rather difficult especially on Wednesdays.Probably because he goes to his physical education lessons on the field where he dirties his shoes easily.
    He feels that being a scout is enjoyable. He is jealous of his schoolmates who have chaffeurs. He does not like mathematics,because he feels that he does not do well in it.He regrets closing his eyes during the annual class photograph taking.

    My Poem
    It is the start of a new year
    at a new school
    As I look at my new classroom
    and classmates
    I recall something
    My primary school days

    My friends,
    My teachers,
    My Principals,
    Their faces are
    still very vivid

    Lessons were fun
    I loved maths
    Scoring As for maths
    was a routine

    Memories are dear to me
    Whatever days or years pass
    My primary school days
    will still have
    a place in my heart

  6. The poet thinks of all the little memories that happened in his primary school, as to him, this daily events that happened in school are the things that is always remembered, like singaing the national anthem, seeing the chinese new year events where they can see their teacher dressed in traditional costumes and performing, or maybe just some mischievous things that his friends does. Its these little things that are unforetable. The poet feels nostlagic as he writes his poem and also quite happy. We can see that from his one sentenced stanzas after every paragraph. The poet misses his primary school very much and he also misses more importantly primary school life.

    My poem:

    Good memories
    The hallways and classrooms,
    the canteen and the void deck,
    Oh, just so good memories,
    that i will bever forget.

    "Hey let's play catching!"
    Eric shouts,
    And everybody starts,
    running about.

    That special teacher,
    who taught us so much.
    I guess I regret,
    not treasuring how much,
    that she gave to us.

    Leaving behind the memories
    Of michieve and laughs,
    Now it's not about
    who gets first in class,
    Now it's about,
    whose memories will last.

    I'll miss my friends,
    My teacher,
    My school.
    My Primary school,
    I love you!

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  8. 1p420 samson sim

    I think that the author doesnt understand the motto of the school.He also recalls the daily events in his school life , like the morning assembly and crows that fly around the courtyard from time to time. He thinks that its very hard to maintain a squeeky clean shoes by the time the middle of the week comes. He also feels that the scouts are very special as they are able to march in the scorhing sun.He is also envious of his classmates, who have chauffeur to send them home.He dislike math.He recalls the little ironies that happen during his school events, like when his teacher dressed in a malay costume during a chinese festival.From the poem with can conclude that the author misses his school days alot.


    It starts in the morning
    when we all wake up

    As we stroll into the gates
    where there will be guards

    We step into the court yard
    Where we mingle with friends

    Soon we are seated in groups or pairs
    With the same uniform , tables , and chairs
    Another days education, Which we all can share

    It happens every day
    It happens every time
    It just goes on

    But soon you find yourself in an alien world
    Where you will have loads of stress
    Guess what ,your old friends are not there

    And when you're back in bed ,you close your eyes
    Then you say "Oh, how i wish i was back in those days"

  9. Chen Deng Hang ( 1P402 )

    All the things written in the poem is some part of daily primary school life. He was probably thinking about what happened during his days in primary school when he wrote this poems. What his friends did, what could be seen at the school. All these have been incorporated inside the poem. At the end of the poem, there was a touch of humour, as he made fun of himself, saying that a photo was taken of him with his eyes closed. But what he was trying to say was that, he would never have a chance to take another photo for the annual yearbook at the primary school again.


    Early in the morning,
    every weekday,
    I wake up,
    not to watch the sunrise,
    but to go to school.

    When I step into the school,
    I hear a noise,
    It's not the early bird's chirping,
    It is the sound of my friends talking.

    All too soon,
    The bell rang,
    There was the sound of moving feet,
    when everybody returns to class.

    The bell rang again,
    not to signal
    the beginning of the day,
    but to signal the end of the day.

  10. 1p419 (Roy Sim)

    The poet had thinking about his childhood life where he had enjoyed and had many different experiences and growing up to be who he is now he would miss these times as he thinks backs on them, knowing that these were memorable moments.but he had bad times as he dislike math.He recalls the little ironies that happen during his school events, like when his teacher dressed in a malay costume during a chinese festival,but netherless,he still misses his school days alot.

    have you ever wondered,
    wats going to happen?

    now?later or in the future?
    but you never know,

    and all you can do,
    is live and hope,

    as times reveal,
    you may end up sharing,reading or having fun..

  11. 1P426

    He thinks back to those days as a child and relives his memories. He wants to enjoy them once again.

    My poem:

    Secondary school is a place everyone has to go
    Even I have no eception

    We need to leave those close firends
    Whom we have made with in Primary school

    Now it is the time
    When we have to bid farewell
    But we find it difficult to leave
    All those we cherish since 7

    However all of us need to move on
    To get better education
    Rathar than stay at a spot and not move

    Yes, although Secondory school life is tough
    None of us can avoid it
    Even I have no exception

  12. The author hopes for a brighter future and thinks of his past school life. It is the tiny details that he treasured the most such as singing the national anthem. He also envies their classmates as they had a chauffeur to fetch them.

    The bell was ringing
    The birds were chirping
    Another day starts and
    goes again

    Oh! How I missed
    the old school days
    The teachers were caring
    My friends were fun and
    helped me when in need

    The classroom may be
    solid and bare
    but to me
    it holds dear memories
    The teachers filled
    my empty head with
    new things here

    Oh! How I wish
    I can go back
    to the past
    But life goes on

  13. 1P433 Zhou Zhennan
    I think the poet cannot forget the memories in his primary school as he think back. I think he feels disconsolate as he cannot forget the primary school memories and started to recall the memories.

    My poem:

    The primary school life
    was a unforgettable memory
    it is certainly unearasable
    and it is an unforgettable shimmery

    When I first entered
    my primary school
    i was so helpless
    sitting on the classroom stool.

    But after a few days
    I got used to it
    I started knowing friends
    and play with them

    My primary memories
    is a treasure for me
    no one can take it away
    from me.

  14. 1P431(Zhang Jing)

    The poet recalls the the events that had happened when he was in his primary school. He remembered clearly the things which had happened in his former school, like singaing the national anthem, watching the chinese new year events where the teachers dressed in traditional costumes and performed on the stage and his friends being mischievous in the test.The author was feeling nostalgic when he recalls his primary school days. He is embracing them and thinks with joy.

    My poem: Done by Zhang Jing

    Coming to a new school
    Fear of the new faces
    Fear of the results
    Fear to be failture
    I recalled my primary days

    It is so wonderful
    Full of joy and happiness

    Remembering the school's hall
    where we gather everyday
    where we play a game

    With a new one coming
    The old one will be gone
    I will do my best
    With the rest

  15. The poet is reminiscing his past. He tells the reader a lot of his secondary schoolmemories, some of which are quite trival. From this we can tell that the author had a memorable secondary school life.

    From the author's recount of his memories, we can dedeuce his personality. I managed to deduce that
    1) He does not care much about the school's motto
    2) He tries to keep his shoes clean
    3) He admires scouts
    4) He dislikes work
    5 He laughs a Singapore for being small

    My poem:

    pushing myself out of bed,
    I crawl to breakfast

    The school bus moans
    I rush to the bus,
    panting like a dog

    Keep quiet!!
    The teacher warns
    Immediately, the class turns silent,
    as if we had all turned mute
    The lessons goes on

    School is over!
    In a frenzy, the class is gone

  16. 1P407
    I think the poet was recalling all the things that had happened in Primary school. He is unsure of his school motto and remembered black crows interupting the singing of the national anthem as they make a lot of noise. The poet finds it difficult to maintain the whiteness of his shoes, especially on wednesday as that is probably the day of Physical Education lesson and he has to go to the muddy field. The poet also thinks that the scouts are great. He is also envious of his schoolmates, as they have drivers to pick them up from school and send them home.The poet is not a fan of math as he finds it challenging. He remembers Mrs Lee, dressing up in a sarong kebaya and singing a malay song on chinese new year. There was also a picture of the poet in the yearbook and he was unhappy that his eyes were closed when the picture was taken. From the poem, I can conclude that he had enjoyed his Primary school life.

    I enjoyed my Primary school life as it was filled with exicitement. I think I share the same sentiments as the poet. I remember the days when we would all gather together during recess to play soccer, and would always come back to class sweaty, getting scolded by the teacher.

    MY POEM < I Remember>

    I remember my Primary school life clearly
    and would never forget it...

    I remember the days of taking public bus to school, fighting with the crowd,
    running to school and making it there seconds before the bell rings.

    I remember the lessons I went through,
    the worst teachers,
    the nicest teachers,
    and all my wonderful classmates.

    And lastly,
    I remember the last day of school,
    where everyone was sad to leave.
    we were all having one last chat before the bell ring, chatting about how we would always, remmeber this school.

  17. Tan Tiang Teck (1P424)

    The poet was probably thinking about his Primary school years, and reminiscing about the more memorable experiences during those six years. He could have thought that school was unfair at some point as he noticed that some of his classmates have Malay chauffeurs to send them home. Also, he could have disliked math as he thinks that a math sum his teacher gave him, was too difficult as shown in the stanza, 'seven to the power of five is unreasonable.'
    He may also regret that his eyes were closed during the annual yearbook photography session as he may never be able to participate in the yearbook photography session again.

    My Poem:

    I wake up every day,
    rushing to catch the school bus.

    When I finally arrive at school,
    the national anthem had already started playing.

    It was at that time I knew,
    that I was already late.

    It was time for a test.
    Which I did not prepare for.

    I used to complain about all these things,
    but now I do not.

    Now that I am in Secondary school,
    my workload greatly increased.

    Now that I think of it,
    Primary school was not so bad

  18. The poet thinks of his school life as an interesting one, because he experienced humour, regret, frustration and hope.
    He hopes for a bright future, regrets not singing the National Anthem loud enough because he does not have any more chances of singing it together as a school again.
    He is frustrated at the fact that there is a rule which says that all shoes must be clean and white, because they get very dirty easily.
    He likes being a scout, and is jealous of other students who have Malay chaffeurs.
    He definitely is frustrated with Math, and remembers one Chinese New Year whereby his teacher Mrs Lee dressed up in a Malay costume and sang a song of another culture.
    He feels that Singapore is a small country, and remembers his best friend, who did not care about Chinese.
    Lastly, he regretted closing his eyes the very moment his photo was being taken for the annual yearbook, because that was his only chance of having his photo in the yearbook.

    Thinking back to my primary school days, I feel the same sentiments like the poet. My memories of primary school was also interesting; there was joy, regret, hate, hope, satisfaction, embarassment, fulfillment and frustration. I am already starting to feel nostalgic about those days.

    My poem:

    My primary school days,
    we have all gone different ways.
    But the same memories we share,
    about school life - how we fare.

    Memories are interesting,
    Bittersweet or sour.
    I think they are all precious,
    as there can never be the same.

    Joy, hate, humour, embarassment,
    all these feeling are common
    in my primary school life.
    But how rare they are now!

    Hope for a bright future,
    one that is full of adventure.
    Though most of us may hope
    for us to go back in time.

    Primary School Life, how longing I hope for it!

  19. The writer is thinking of his old school and how patriotic they were when they were singing.
    He talks about the cleanliness on their shoes which probably infers they played sports during those days. Or either because of his scouts CCA.
    He then reflects on envying the rich pupils in his school who have their personal chaffeurs.
    He then talks more on being patriotic and reflects on the funny and good times he had with his friends.

    I was once a timid boy
    Who always seemed to cry
    Never did I think that i could actually
    Top the school!!!

    How lucky i was
    but last it did not
    For then i had to work
    Just to gain my grades

    The teachers there were nice
    and so are the ones right here
    Trust we all have in them
    to let us score too well

    I once had funny dreams
    that failure was hard to come
    Looks like i could be wrong
    in just a single term


  20. I think the author does not know anything about his school motto. He feels that he will be lucky next time as the future is hope. He also thinks that the school did not put their heart and soul into singing the national anthem which is why they can hear black crows interrupting. He must be playing soccer on Wednesday which is why the shoe is dirty because of the mud. The sun must be warm enough to for the scouts that they want their legs to be cooled by the wind. The author envy the Malays as they are rich and could afford a chauffeur to fetch them home. The author does not like Math. The author thinks that Mrs Lee is trying to hide her identity of a Chinese. The author feels that he know Singapore a lot. His friend does not care much about his grades. In conclusion, he likes the way it is in primary school.
    Early in the morning before the bell rang
    we walk pass the gates and up the stairs.
    We went to the classroom and put our bags
    and then we ran to the hall to sing the anthem.

    It will be boring English first
    followed by Math
    As we waited anticipatedly
    For recess

    During recess we run and play
    but will be sad on rainy days.
    "Oh No!" Its past nine and we rush to class before teacher come and scold us.

    Boring lessons again and again.
    and now we wait for the school to end.
    "Oh yes" its dismissal time or maybe not
    we still have CCA oh please hope not.

    This is the life in primary school days.
    I miss it so much that i want to stay.
    Maybe we can't but there's still a way
    How about persuading our teachers now to do the same.

  21. The author somehow reminds me how one mostly talks about the physical past, like shading A's for an OAS. We do not talk much of how we felt then, rather, feel the nostalgia.

    My Poem :

    Those Doors lead to
    a place i once called "hell"
    They don't look the same
    like how i remembered it to be.

    I see the school buses
    the "uncles" chatting happily
    students much smaller than i am
    like how i remembered it to be.

    The staff room then filled
    with teachers marking papers
    rather tearing them in dissapointment
    like how i remembered it to be.

    Then i see my friends there
    all gone their separate ways
    all "grown up" now
    like how i remembered it to be.

    The place i once hated
    the place i now loved
    these feelings in me
    like how i remembered it to be

  22. The poet thinks of the little ironies that he had in his childhood days. For example, on Chinese New Year, his teacher, Mrs Lee, dresses up as a Malay and sang a Malay song. He also talks about how black crows try to interrupt when they sing the National Anthem. This shows that he did not enjoy his school life as much as he had wanted to. Another example is in the 1st stanza, when he said, "Hope for the future The future is hope Or something". The last line states that he did not actually like his school as he did not show respect to it.

    My Poem
    Once upon a time I scribbled on a piece of paper
    about me and you together,
    friends forever.

    The paper which is as dull a memory as mine.
    Memory with unlimited GB.
    As time passes by, it turns into MB,
    then to KB.

    I search high and low
    to find our lost memories
    that were supposed to last,
    but where can it be?

    Your image become just like the waves,
    coming and vanishing.
    But the memories of us
    will be like the heart,
    hidden, but never forgotten.

  23. The poet thinks about his primary school life, remebering the things that happened. For example,the crows trying to disturb them while they are singing their national anthem,his teacher wearing a malay sarong and singing a malay song during chinese new year and also his own photograph being taken when his eyes were closed. This shows that the poet treasured his primary school life or he wouldn't think about it.

    My Poem

    My primary school life was wonderful,
    Every momment in school enjoyable,
    The cries of joy from my friends and pals

    My primary school life was wonderful,
    We went through think and thin togethere,
    Help each other during difficult times of PSLE

    However, now it's all gone,
    We went on our separate ways,
    To our own dream school,
    Maybe not having a chance to meet again

    But thanks to modern day technology,
    We can still keep in touch,
    Through SMS and MSN!

    So my good pals and friends,
    Let us all keep the wonderful times in our minds,
    And treasure it for life!

  24. he poet is recalling. He is trying to say that he could have done more during those days, he could have made full use of the time.

    he author does not appreciate that he has Singapore to live in.he thinks it is small.
    He thinks scouts are cool.
    He tries to keep his shoes clean , about always
    So i can say that he is the type that cares about only his own well being.

    My poem is titled as i recall,

    As i recall, the primary school days,
    we were all unfazed.

    As we couldnt bear ,
    to leave, just for my own welfare

    that last day was spent,
    of leaving we had no intent.

  25. 1P409 Jaw Li Wen

    Well I think that the writer feels that the time spent in Primary School was bunch of good memories as compared to his Secondary School days. There were much differences between Primary School and Secondary School. Firstly was the school's badge. The writer could not remember the motto of his primary school and that showed how long ago that was when he was in primary school. Although it was a long time, the writer could still remember the interesting events that happened during those days, telling us that primary school life is worth remembering.

    Some of the events that the writer remembered in his primary school life was the time during assembly. " At times black crows tried to interupt " Everyone knows that crows are very loud animals. However the crows TRIED to interupt them. This shows some uncertainty about the fact that the crows were loud against the voice of the writer's primary school.

    It was also hard to mantain the whiteness of the writer's shoes. This showed the amount of fun that the writer had during his primary school days. The writer said that there was something special about scouts. Maybe this was to show that at the point of time, the writer wanted to be a scout.

    There was a differece in the financial state of pupil's in the primary school. Some could afford chauffeurs while some had to walk or take the public transport.

    Next, the writer thinks back on the subjects that were learnt during primary school. It was so much easier as compared to now. The level of stress was also much lower.The number of subject was also lessor.

    Then he recalled that the celebartions that were held in school, especially a funny action that his teacher did. How happy it was to be there.

    He also remembered the mischief that his friend was up to and the innocent way that they treated examinations and tests then.

    LASTLY, the wrtiter wanted a happy ending by saying that his eyes were close in a picture of a year book. A year book is usually given at the end of the year which signifies an end.

    Well I must say that my Primary school life was similiar to that of the writer - a happy and enjoyable one - and I really miss it.

    Here is my poem:

    They tell us to treasure it
    before we become like them.
    But we laugh
    And make fun of it

    They tell us to treasure it
    before you become like them.
    But we wave their comments away.
    And say that what we are suppose to treasure
    Is too stressful.

    They tell us to treasure it
    before you become like them.
    But we say that we want
    To grow up quickly so that our parents will give us freedom

    They tell us to treasure it
    before you become like them.
    But we take it for granted.

    After the nerve racking period is over,
    So as the December holidays,
    We get to be like them,
    And we know
    And we regret not treasuring.
    But all that is left for us to do
    Is to tell the next batch,
    To treasure their primary school life before
    You become like us, a Secondary school student

  26. The poet had a very deep feeling for his childhood life, because his childhood is filled with different elements.

    - He felt happy being with his friends.
    - He felt that his best friend was a joke in his test.
    - He felt that the Malay charffeurs were friendly towards each other.

    He felt a lot of positive things about his childhood, and felt that most of the people he encountered were very nice.

    Though, he hated math. He hated tests. And all of his friends, including him, hated singing the National Anthem.

    The poet, at the same time, hoped for a better future.

    My poem

    Sailing across the sea,
    or rather,
    soaring across,
    I came to meet thee.

    The students were not
    at all friendly.
    That's because,
    I'm not.

    Through the ages,
    I grew.
    Through the ages,
    I made friends.

    Homework was never,
    a problem.
    No one does that anyway,
    no one cared.

    Storming through the prefects,
    sneaking past the teachers.
    We slipped past them,
    and mature.

    Homework, checked.
    Project, checked.
    Anything extra, checked.
    Revision, oh my!

    Laziness had being,
    the value of life.
    No one, no one
    can deny.

    at last.

    Thee, a school
    of hope,
    of exile,
    and of life.

  27. ZhangYinghan 1P432

    I think the writer is hoping for the future while mesmerizing all the little,tiny things that make up his memory of his primary school. For example, singing of national anthem,his shoes, the chauffers of his schoolmate and his friend's heroic act,he was trying to remember all the happy,funny things that he was once enjoying, while comparing with what he was today,a secondary school student with loads of homework, not able to be as relax, as happy anymore.
    My poem:

    Six years of primary school life,
    gone with a blink,
    how I envy those primary school kids,
    yet my primary school life was gone,
    forever gone!

    Remembering me laugh,
    remembering me cry,
    remembering all my emotions,
    be it bitter,sour or sweet.

    Remembering my classmates,
    remembering my fierce discipline masters,
    remembering my principal,
    remembering anyone in my primary school.

    How I envy those primary school kids,
    yet my primary school life is gone,
    forever gone!

  28. The author does not really know whad his school motto is and feels that the crows are irritating since they interrupt when they are trying to sing the national anthem.
    He feels that the school should not make them wear white shoes since they are very difficult to maintain. He likes the scouts and he is jealous of his friends who have malay chauffeurs to fetch them home after school.
    He hated maths since he thought it was too difficult. He also felt it ironic since his teacher, Mrs Lee sang a malay song and wore malay clothes during Chinese New Year.
    He feels that shading all A's during a test is heroic and daring.
    He is also a bit angry since he was photographed with his eyes closed.

    My Poem:

    When i was younger,
    I went to school.
    It was a place filled with fun,
    and laughter too.

    I shared fun times with my friends,
    and there was good food too.

    There were bad times too,
    The time when i failed my test,
    Or the time I quarrelled with my best friend.

    But now its on to secondary school,
    There will be worse times,
    But better times too!

  29. The poet was thinking about his experience in primary school. He was probably realling the daily events which happened, for example singing the national anthem, and seeing his teacher dressed in a Malay costume although it was Chinese New Year. The poet also felt nostalgic when he was recalling about his childhood.

    My poem:


    All fall in one category: school

    Everyday as I walk pass the school gates
    I see cleaners, guards and some teachers

    As I walk into the canteen
    I see people munching on biscuits,
    slurping noodles
    and students bumping into each other

    I walk into my classroom
    and see students studying,
    throwing paper planes, chasing each other
    and occasionally seeing
    some students drawing on the white board

    This is school, my second home
    Never will I forget you!

    Lee Jia Shing (1P415)

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  31. He is hoping for a bright future. Then he talks about the past. Saying that some people (crows) don't sing the National Anthem. Or literally crows do interrupt but they always sing loud enough, the word try provides the evidence. He says that it rains regularly on Wednesdays or he plays most that day. He says that the scouts are strong and muscular. And that his rich school mates have Malay Chauffeurs who wait at school to bring them home.I don't get the next stanza. Maybe he dislikes maths? He says Singapore is for Singaporeans. And his friend is either stupid or very brave. His photo was taken when he blink.

    My Poem

    I miss primary school...
    My friends were great there.
    But there's nothing wrong with those I have here.

    The days were simpler then.
    Not the technology,
    but simply because of work and play.

    Though after Primary 4,
    came Primary 5, it was a long year.
    With PSLE coming near.

    When primary 6 came.
    I knew I had a big choice to make
    At my crossroads of life...

    When it was gone,
    I chose the right path, I think...

  32. What are the poet's thoughts? What were his feelings as he think back on these ?

    1. In my opinion, I think the poet is reminiscing his past during his schooldays. He seems to enjoy the memories of his childhood and is recalling of his memorable secondary school life which left him with great memories. In addition, he still remembers the some small, little stuff in his childhood and this shows that he really misses his childhood. At the same time, the poet is also thinking of his future and looks forward to it. But the poet is also worried and doubtful of his future as he showed some uncertaincy in the first stanza of his poem. This also shows the poet is already adult now but still reluctant to face the problems in the future alone by himself. He really misses his childhood when he does not need to worry about his future and can play around with his best friends.

    From the poem of his recount of his childhood, I can infer his personality. The poem shows that he enjoys his childhood and will think about his future. In addition, he likes to give sarcastic remarks says that Singapore is small. He always does thing without being serious and is rude as he laughs at his school crest. However, he admires the hardworking scouts as he mentioned that "there is something quite special
    about the bare thighs of hardworking scouts".

    From the poem, the poet is feeling kind of nostlagic as he recalls his childhood which left him with deep memories. The poem shows that the poet still remembers and misses his secondary school life. At the same time, the poet also shows joy and is mesmerized while recalling his childhood. Hence, the poet is sort of enjoyed of his childhood as he still remembered it.

    Think back on our days in Primary School. Do you share the same sentiments? What were your memories of those days? Write a poem of no less than 4 stanzas.

    My poem (Unforgettable memories):

    Looking back on my primary school life,
    There’s nothing but joy,
    Six years on seventh heaven is what I call life,
    Going through motions that are truly alive,

    But the ride is not long-life,
    Six years of primary school life,
    Disappeared in a blink of an eye,
    But things still continued and this is life.

    School is like a daily routine for us,
    Some will make a great fuss,
    Some think that school is a torture chamber,
    Some look forward to the holidays in December.

    Life in Primary School is enjoyable,
    It is never regrettable.
    But some feel very bored,
    And some feel that school is such a chore,

    In my primary school,
    I experienced many things, they are so cool!
    I had seen people crying,
    Seen people fighting.

    I had seen friends playing,
    Seen people laughing,
    I had seen good friends helping,
    And seen friendships been destroyed.

    My primary school,
    A home where I cherish moments.
    Teachers are my parents,
    Classmates are my siblings.

    Now it's the end of my primary school life,
    it's the beginning of independence.
    I learned to cherish,
    I learned to treasure.

  33. 1P428 Nixon Tong

    He remembers the days he spent in school. As he recalls the daily events, he somewhat coments about the rules of the school which he disagrees.
    Though he has bad comments of the school, he would still remember the humorous momments of his school life.

    My Poem

    Six years of primary school life,
    Six years of memories full of fun,
    Recalling those days, I begun to realise
    that I haven't cherished school life.

    Going to a new school,
    full of strangers and unfamiliar places,
    makes me realise that I miss my old school
    however big this new one is.

    As I start a new journey,
    I recall those memories of school,
    leaving friends behind,
    making new ones in the process.

    Entering this school,
    Leaving the old one behind,
    Has taught me to cherish,
    My memories.